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Service Management FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What is service management? What is an IT service?

In IT, a service is a set of related IT activities that help an organization achieve specific business objectives. Service management is an IT discipline aimed at planning, delivering and improving IT services for an organization and its customers. Those are broad definitions, but essentially what it means is that IT services are all the technology tools of an organization and service management is making sure they're correctly identified and perfectly executed.

What does it mean to define a service management system?

Defining a service management system is one of the earliest steps in the process of creating a structured approach to planning and optimizing an organization's IT services. When there's no plan in an organization for building a structured approach to IT services, decisions about IT can become inefficient, expensive, and misguided. Defining a service management system involves outlining processes, roles, responsibilities and objectives for IT service management in an organization.

What is ITIL and what does it have to do with service management?

ITIL stands for the Information Technology Infrastructure Library. ITIL is a globally recognized framework for IT service management. Companies and organizations who ascribe to the ITIL approach use its best practices and guidelines for planning, designing, delivering and improving IT services to meet their organizational needs. ITIL's main emphasis is aligning IT services with organizational and strategic goals. ITIL also maintains an array of service management certifications for IT professionals.

Who needs to know how service management works?

Learning service management and earning a certification from a group like ITIL can help the careers of IT professionals with a range of different responsibilities. IT managers, or anyone who oversees IT operations should understand how to ensure that IT services align with business objectives. IT service desk personnel and managers who need to ensure timely resolution of user issues rely on service management, as do business analysts and even project managers.

What are the 4 Ps of service management?

The essential elements of IT service management are often summarized as the 4 Ps: People, Processes, Products and Partners. People refers to the individuals who are actually delivering and supporting IT services. Processes are the repeated best practices and workflows for effective management. Products are referring to technology, tools and resources that enable IT service delivery. Partners is in reference to any external collaboration entity used to deliver IT services.
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