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Maximizing Productivity FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this maximizing productivity training?

You'll learn how to name what you or your company want to accomplish, how to quantify progress toward that goal, and how to physically and mentally arrange yourself to get it done. Productivity is partly preparation, mental effort and diligence – learn proven tools and techniques for getting things done.

Who should take this maximizing productivity training?

While this maximizing productivity training is useful for any employee in any position, it's most useful for managers, project managers, and supervisors. Project and program managers will benefit a lot from techniques in segmenting work, while managers and supervisors will learn how managing time, technology and expectations affects productivity.

Is this training in maximizing productivity associated with any certifications?

No, this training wasn't designed with any particular certification or exam in mind. When it comes to abstract topics like time management and productivity, certifications tend to require a lot of rote memorization from specific resources. This training focuses on useful tools, techniques and ways of thinking about productivity.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in maximizing productivity?

After taking this training, you might want to consider looking to project or program management certifications. There are many to choose from, and this course can only help with the mindset and tools, not the specific testable knowledge. But a certification like Project+ from CompTIA is a career-defining opportunity.

Why should you take this training in maximizing productivity?

It's easy to roll your eyes when concepts like maximizing productivity are discussed. Consider this though: there are definitely companies that get more done in less time than others. You can explore their techniques and then pick and choose only the techniques that work for you and your teams.
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