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Simona Millham
Nugget trainer since 2015
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Demonstrating Professionalism FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this demonstrating professionalism training?

You'll learn how to put your best foot forward, make good impressions, and get along well with others. Even if your job is technical, a huge part of your future success will be how you interact with people. This professionalism course makes sure you rub people the right way.

Who should take this demonstrating professionalism course?

Any IT professional would benefit from this course in demonstrating professionalism. Let's face it, from help desk personnel to network architects, people who work in IT can sometimes seem a bit standoffish or aloof. This course will show you how to interact with people well and demonstrate professionalism.

Is this training in demonstrating professionalism associated with any certifications?

Yes, this course was originally designed to help learners prepare for the A+ from CompTIA. You might be surprised at first to learn that the A+ certification has a soft skills section, but after you take this course you'll see that professionalism is an essential part of IT career success.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in demonstrating professionalism?

If you've been working in IT for a while already, you should aim for the A+ after taking this course. This course is only about the soft skills that you need to succeed in the IT career field, the rest of the A+ certification from CompTIA is about technical expertise.

Why should you take this demonstrating professionalism training?

You should take this demonstrating professionalism course so that you have yet another tool in your toolbelt to advance your career. Gain mastery over the ways that people like to be communicated with, learn how to talk about sensitive topics, and how to make your point respectfully in this training.
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