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Soft Skills for Business Online Training


Simona Millham


Soft Skills for Business Online Training

This foundational CBT Nuggets soft skills training prepares learners to navigate the messy and complex interconnected world of relationships and business interactions with expertise, respect and confidence.

A lot of people tend to dismiss soft skills training as frivolous or touchy-feely. That tendency probably comes from the idea that no one likes to think that they don't already know how to do things like write clearly, speak well, solve problems calmly, manage time capably, or interact seamlessly with team members. These things seem so commonplace and simple that the idea of getting training in them can be like admitting you missed that day in kindergarten. But the people who think so are mistaken: not only is soft skills training crucial for the majority of the workforce, but it's no fault of your own if you do need it. Working alongside others and doing it well requires a highly intentional mindset - with this training, you'll learn it and how to apply it to make your workcenter not just more pleasant to work in, but more effective and profitable.

After finishing this CBT Nuggets training, you'll be better equipped to interact with co-workers and maintain a respectful demeanor in difficult times.

For anyone who manages soft skills training, this CBT Nuggets training can be used to onboard new IT professionals, curated into individual or team training plans, or as a CBT Nuggets reference resource.

Soft Skills for Business: What You Need to Know

For any new IT professional looking to improve their proficiency with soft skills, this CBT Nuggets course covers topics such as:

  • Writing clearly and efficiently
  • Presenting complicated topics simply
  • Deploying different problem solving tactics
  • Managing time effectively
  • Building teams and maintaining them
  • Managing conflicts with an eye for solutions and respect

Who Should Take Soft Skills Training?

This soft skills training is considered foundational-level CBT Nuggets training, which means it was designed for new IT professionals with 1 to 3 years of experience — or no experience at all. This course is valuable for new or aspiring IT professionals, experienced new IT professionals looking to validate foundational skills, and non-technical professionals.

Soft skills user training. No matter the career field you find yourself in, soft skills training applies to you. This training covers topics ranging from writing clearly and effectively, presenting quickly and efficiently, tackling complicated problems in a clear and orderly way, managing your time and the time of others, building effective and respectful teams, and more. That's something that any office would benefit from, and it's all available with this training.

New or aspiring IT professionals. The IT profession has a bit of a reputation: that the people who work in the industry are distant, aloof, rude or anti-social. This undeserved reputation probably stems from the strong personalities and keen minds that get drawn to the IT field. But wherever there are different personality types struggling to interact productively and politely, soft skills training can help pave the way. This training is meant for exactly that: how to communicate well - in writing, speaking, in meetings, and more.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

  • Working Effectively from Home

    Entry 30 mins7 videos
  • Time Management Strategies

    Entry 36 mins8 videos
  • Respect in the Workplace

    Entry 40 mins10 videos
  • Uncomfortable Conversations

    Entry 34 mins8 videos
  • Manage Conflict

    Entry 37 mins9 videos
  • Effective Teams

    Entry 33 mins7 videos
  • Lead a Project Team

    37 mins9 videos
  • GDPR Awareness

    Entry 37 mins8 videos
  • Successful Presentations

    Entry 43 mins8 videos
  • Interacting Professionally with Customers

    Entry 39 mins7 videos
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