Deploying a Server (VM) in the Cloud

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Server Administrator Training: Fundamentals FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What is a server administrator and what do they do?

A server administrator is an IT professional who maintains servers running on a network (a server is a powerful computer that stores and manages data, files or programs and provides services to other computers on a network). Server administrators use their own skills and knowledge as well as specialized tools and applications to manage the operation of servers, maintain their security, and configure user accounts, data backups and more.

What are the fundamentals of server administration?

The absolute basics of server administration include a number of tasks related to maintaining, securing and optimizing servers. Sometimes the tasks require being physically present at the server itself, but most of the time, the work is done at a computer over the network. Installing and updating software, configuring user accounts and permissions, monitoring performance and troubleshooting are the most common tasks that a new server administrator can expect.

How is Windows server administration different from traditional server administration?

Windows Server administration refers to the operating system running on the servers: Windows Server. Windows Server administration includes using tools like Active Directory for user management or Group Policy for system configuration. Traditional server administration is broader, and can include other operating systems like Linux or Unix. Windows Server administrators often use Windows graphical interfaces and proprietary Microsoft solutions, while traditional administrators use command-line interfaces and open-source tools.

Who should take this course on server administration fundamentals?

Anyone who wants a career in IT or managing servers should think about taking a course like this on the basics of server administration. This course helps you become competitive for jobs like systems administrator, network administrator, or network technician. This is also a good course for people who work for organizations that don't have a large or dedicated IT team but still have to keep servers running.

Can this server administrator course help me earn a certification?

Yes, this course can absolutely lead to a server administration certification. However, this isn't a certification prep course, it's much more focused on limited and tangible server administration skills. A certification like this can help you on your way to earning entry-level, broad certifications like the ITF+ from CompTIA or the CCST Networking from Cisco. If you're interested in more advanced certs like the CCNA, you should take a CCNA prep course.
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