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Networking Fundamentals FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this networking fundamentals training?

Like the name suggests, you'll learn the fundamentals of computer networking from this course. But this course isn't just a bunch of videos that talk at you – you'll be participating in virtual simulations and hands-on practice environments. So you don't just learn about networking, you learn how to do networking.

Who should take this networking fundamentals course?

Anyone who needs a practical, grounded understanding of how computers communicate with one another should take this course. Students who want to get a job in IT will learn administrative skills. But managers and non-technical professionals can take it and learn the fundamentals of a crucial part of IT.

Is this training in networking fundamentals associated with any certifications?

No, although there are lots of certifications that entry-level network administrators should consider, this course isn't specifically designed to line up with any of them. However, this course will leave you with enough skills and knowledge so that you're in a place where you can start preparing for certification exams.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in networking fundamentals?

The Network+ from CompTIA is going to be the best bet for most brand-new networking professionals who take this course. The Network+ is a certification that isn't tied to any particular software vendor or hardware manufacturer, so it's a perfect, broad way of proving you're ready to work with networks.

Why should you take this networking fundamentals training?

You should take this training in the fundamentals of computer networking because how machines interact with one another and communicate back and forth is integral to how our modern world functions. By understanding networking, you can more knowledgeably participate in your business' operations and understand your network's problems.
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