Clustered Data ONTAP Concepts

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NetApp Storage FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this NetApp storage training?

This course starts off with a primer in network data storage and ends in how to automate hybrid NetApp storage devices. You'll learn everything a network administrator who works with NetApp devices needs to know – basic concepts of wide area networks to manually configuring NetApps' proprietary operating system, ONTAP.

Who should take this NetApp storage course?

Network administrators and database administrators should seriously consider taking this course – especially if NetApp technology is anywhere in your future. NetApp is a popular choice for enterprise and service provider networks. Take this training and learn how to transition to, install or maintain NetApp storage for present and future employers.

Is this training in NetApp storage associated with any certifications?

No, this training isn't specifically associated with any certifications. NetApp provides a number of certifications, but this course was designed to address storage configuration and maintenance. Between videos and virtual simulations, this course provides first-hand experience actually configuring NetApp devices and software, and focuses less on memorization.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in NetApp storage?

This course specifically relates to storage solutions with NetApp technology and could help you earn a NetApp certification, but NetApp only has associate-level certifications in three tracks: Data, Hybrid Cloud, and Converged Infrastructure. There's the NetApp Certified Storage Installation Engineer, but that would require more training than just this course.

Why should you take this NetApp storage training?

You should take this NetApp storage training so that you're familiar with not just how to configure cloud storage with NetApp, but so that the entire NetApp ONTAP operating environment is familiar. You should know the tech of a leader in IT storage in the cloud and hybrid environments.
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