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Cabling and Devices Online Training


Jeremy Cioara


Cabling and Devices Online Training

In this entry-level networking skills training, Jeremy Cioara covers how to set up a new network infrastructure in a new building.

There’s long been a gap between the skills covered in certification exams and the knowledge you acquire on the job. For some technical topics, that gap can be small or closed with some hands-on experience in a lab environment. In other cases, like planning and installing a brand new network in a building, there’s plenty to learn that won’t be on any exam.

In this real-world networking course, Jeremy takes you onto a job site where he’s installing network cabling and equipment in a new building. You’ll learn how to initially assess the network needs of a building, install cabling, crimp, punch down, and test network cables, cable management, network documentation, and equipment installation.

For anyone who leads a technology team, this networking training can be used to onboard new network administrators, curated into individual or team training plans, or as a networking reference resource.

Cabling and Devices: What You Need to Know

This Cabling and Devices training has videos that cover topics including:

  • Performing a network assessment
  • Fishing ethernet cable
  • Installing network equipment racks
  • Selecting and installing a patch panel, installing a keystone jack, and crimping cable
  • Testing and mapping network connections
  • Installing network switches
  • Installing wireless access points (WAPs)
  • Handling a network router

Who Should Take Cabling and Devices Training?

This real-world Cabling and Devices training is based on administrator-level networking training, which means it was designed for network administrators. This course is valuable for new IT professionals with at least a year of experience with network infrastructure, and experienced network administrators looking to validate their networking skills.

New or aspiring network administrators. For new network administrators, a central part of understanding the maintenance and control of networks is knowing the physical infrastructure that supports those networks. This training will educate you in everything about cabling and devices a network administrator needs to build, install, cable, crimp and everything else to maintain the hardware of a network.

Experienced network administrators. For network administrators with several years of experience, running cables and connecting devices could very easily be a part of your career field’s background knowledge you never picked up. Some network professionals work whole sections of their career without touching the cables themselves, but if you find yourself in sudden need of cabling and devices training, this will orient you on everything about running, installing and maintaining the physical hardware of cabling and devices.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

  • Install Network Cabling

    1 hr 34 mins6 videos
  • Implement Network Devices

    1 hr 41 mins5 videos
  • Cabling and Devices Learning Resources

    This cable management and network infrastructure training includes videos and in-video quizzes.

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