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All Windows Server 2016 FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is Windows Server 2016 still being supported or is it discontinued?

Windows Server 2016 isn't discontinued entirely, but it did stop receiving mainstream support in January 2022. That means that it will no longer receive improvements, feature updates or bug fixes, however Windows Server 2016 will still receive official security updates from Microsoft until November 2027, which is its end-of-life. It's entirely common for older versions of software to be phased out, and Microsoft in particular tries to direct customers to subscription services.

Is it worth learning how to administer and manage Windows Server 2016?

Yes, it's definitely worth learning to administer Windows Server 2016. For starters, the skills and knowledge related to managing a Server 2016 network are broadly applicable, and they'll translate well (with a small bit of transition or migration training) to other OSs. Not only that, even though Microsoft doesn't officially support Windows Server 2016 any longer, many networks still depend on it because migrating would be too challenging or expensive.

Who should take this Windows Server 2016 course?

Since CBT Nuggets offers training in practically every version of Windows Server and Server 2016 is not the most current version of the server operating system, the best audience for this course are network administrators who have recently been hired to work on a Server 2016-run network, or who know they'll soon be working on a network that operates on Windows Server 2016. Otherwise, learn the version of Windows Server you support.

What is Windows Server 2016 and what is it used for?

Windows Server 2016 is a powerful operating system used to manage business' networks, data, and network applications. You can think of Windows Server 2016 as a central hub for organizing and sharing information within a company. It gets its name from the fact that Microsoft released new versions of the OS every few years, and it's the 2016 version. Windows Server 2016 is the backbone of a company's digital infrastructure.

Which version of Windows Server should I learn how to use?

Learning the right server operating system comes down to your current career requirements as well as your future career goals. If you're applying to a company that exclusively uses Windows Server 2016, it's pretty obvious that you should start with that. But if you're not sure what version a prospective employer uses, or you're just generally interested in Windows server administration, you might want to start with Windows Server 2019.
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