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All Windows Server 2012 FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Windows Server 2012 training?

You'll learn everything about Windows Server 2012 that used to be necessary for earning one of Microsoft's most difficult expert-level certifications. Since this course used to prepare learners for MCSE: Server 2012, it's an exhaustive exploration of all the configuration and administration knowledge that senior admins need.

Who should take this Windows Server 2012 course?

Server, network and systems administrators who might ever work with Windows Server 2012 should take this course, since it isn't supported and familiarity with it is rare. If you ever have to use Windows Server 2012, odds are good that no one else will be able to show you how.

Is this training in Windows Server 2012 associated with any certifications?

No – this Windows Server 2012 training was developed to help learners pass the (retired) MCSA: Server 2012 and MCSE: Server 2012 Core Infrastructure certifications. Those certs were from about a decade ago, when Microsoft was focusing their certifications on extremely deep knowledge of individual pieces of software.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in Windows Server 2012?

Microsoft doesn't offer any certifications related to Windows Server 2012, so this course won't help you directly with earning a certification. But the administration concepts and the Windows Server framework you'll learn from the course could help with earning certifications like Microsoft Certified: Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate.

Why should you take this Windows Server 2012 training?

You should take this Windows Server 2012 training because the out-dated and unsupported server OS is so old that it's hard to find answers to even simple questions through search engines. If there's any chance you'll work with Windows Server 2012 at any point in your career, learn it early.
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