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Getting Started with Windows Server 2019 FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is Windows Server 2019 obsolete?

No, Windows Server 2019 is definitely not obsolete. If you're a server administrator, or you're trying to get a job as one, there are still plenty of organizations who use the 2019 version of the server operating system, and learning to manage it is still a valuable skill. All that said, Microsoft is actively shepherding its corporate clients away from standalone versions of Windows Server and toward their cloud-based subscription models.

Who should take this course on Windows Server 2019?

IT professionals who work in infrastructure management, system administration, network engineering and cloud computing would all benefit from this course. Even business owners, managers and non-technical professionals who need to understand the operating system that their network operates on will benefit from the basic understanding this course provides. On top of anyone who manages server infrastructure, anyone who wants to develop skills related to Active Directory, virtualization and storage solutions will benefit.

Can I get a job as a Windows Server administrator after taking this course?

This course was designed to deepen familiarity with server administration, not necessarily build the experience and knowledge necessary to get started. This course is best for server administrators or IT professionals who suddenly find themselves responsible for Windows Server 2019 installation, operations, troubleshooting or maintenance, not people with no other previous experience in IT, since it assumes a basic understanding of IT concepts and focuses on practical Windows Server management.

Will this course on Windows Server 2019 help me earn a certification?

In an effort to move customers toward their subscription models, Microsoft has discontinued certifications related to individual versions of Windows Server, and never developed a certification related specifically to Windows Server 2019. Since this course is skills-focused and emphasizes practical familiarity with managing and maintaining a network operated by Windows Server 2019, it's excellent for advancing a career. But unfortunately there aren't any generalist certifications for network administrators from Microsoft.

Is it worth it to learn how to administer Windows Server 2019?

Windows Server 2019 administration is a specialized skill, which means it's worth it for people who know they need it. If you're a brand new IT professional or hoping to land a career in server administration, CBT Nuggets offers other, more generalized courses that are broadly useful. But if you know you'll be administering Windows Server 2019, understanding the fundamentals is absolutely worth it as a career move.
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