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Teams for Microsoft 365 (Classic) FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is taking a course on Teams for Microsoft 365 worth it?

Deciding whether an IT training course is worth it for you depends on your goals. Do you want to work as a network administrator who can manage and control Microsoft-based collaboration software? Do you want to be able to help teams on small networks as easily as large-scale enterprise networks to communicate and collaborate? If those sound like career goals for you, then learning how to configure and manage Teams for Microsoft 365 is worth it.

How much do certifications for Microsoft 365 cost?

There are a few different Microsoft certifications related to mastery over Teams for Microsoft 365. There's the Teams Administrator Associate, which documents your ability to manage collaboration solutions within Teams and Microsoft 365. Earning the Azure Virtual Desktop Specialty proves your familiarity with administering Teams' interface with Azure services. There's also Power Platform App Maker and Functional Consultant. Each of those Microsoft 365 certifications have one (different) exam to take, and they each cost $165 to attempt.

How difficult is it to learn Teams for Microsoft 365?

Teams itself isn't an especially difficult software suite to learn. The difficulty in learning how to manage and administer it comes from understanding all the different ways that it can be implemented and configured depending on the size of network, type of devices attached, and needs of teams as well as individual users. Mastering Teams for Microsoft 365 requires a deep familiarity with its settings and configuration options, as well as experience implementing it in different scenarios.

Do certifications related to Microsoft 365 expire?

Yes, Microsoft's role-based and specialty certifications all expire one year from the date you earn them – that includes all the certs listed above. But according to Microsoft, they didn't apply that one year expiration arbitrarily – they want to ensure that certified professionals don't lose their skills or knowledge as technology advances. So, Microsoft also makes recertifying free – and the exam you take is a trimmed down version that focuses on changes to the technology since the last time you tested.

What's the best way to learn about Teams for Microsoft 365?

The best way to learn about Teams for Microsoft 365 is to practice implementing, managing and configuring it. Just like most topics in IT, administering the Microsoft collaboration suite is challenging to read about or learn about without actually getting your hands dirty. The best way to learn how to manage Teams for Microsoft 365 is inside a simulated environment – or a virtual sim – where connections, devices and protocols are all realistically simulated.
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