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All Sharepoint 2016 Training Online Training


Keith Barker

Jacob Moran


All Sharepoint 2016 Training Online Training

In this entry-level Microsoft skills training, Keith Barker prepares users to navigate through Sharepoint 2016 sites and site collections, manage pages and apps, and organize documents within a library.

SharePoint is a web-based collaboration platform that’s highly configurable and customizable. Companies use SharePoint in a host of ways, including content management, internal collaboration, business processes, and knowledge bases. If you’re a SharePoint administrator, then you know the technology side is relatively straightforward, and end-user training is the toughest part of the job.

After finishing the videos in this Sharepoint 2016 Training training, your users will know how to navigate through sites and site collections, manage pages and apps, and organize documents within a library. This Sharepoint 2016 training covers the fundamental end-user and administration skills you should have when using SharePoint Server 2016.

For anyone who manages Sharepoint 2016 training, this Microsoft training can be used to onboard new employees, curated into individual or team training plans, or as a SharePoint reference resource.

All Sharepoint 2016 Training: What You Need to Know

This All Sharepoint 2016 Training training has videos that cover productivity tools topics including:

  • Introduction to SharePoint
  • Creating a top-level site and adding subsites
  • Designing the look and feel of sites
  • Working with web parts
  • Apps
  • Document libraries
  • Content approval
  • SharePoint Online

Who Should Take All Sharepoint 2016 Training Training?

This Sharepoint 2016 training is considered foundational-level Microsoft training, which means it was designed for technical and non-technical professionals with no Sharepoint 2016 experience.

SharePoint user training. Sharepoint is used in a lot of offices, but most people who use it never get any sort of training in it — this can be a real mistake. Poorly designed and developed Sharepoint sites can discourage end users from using them at all. But with the right training, you can be sure that your Sharepoint sites are intuitive, useful, and effective. If you use Sharepoint, or think that you might some day, get this training to make sure you understand Sharepoint and can use its core features to create great Sharepoint sites.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2016 Fundamentals

    Entry3 hrs 23 mins21 videos
  • Introduction to SharePoint

    Intermediate 31 mins6 videos
  • SharePoint Monitoring

    Intermediate 56 mins10 videos
  • SharePoint Physical Architecture

    Intermediate 43 mins6 videos
  • SharePoint Server Installation

    Intermediate 38 mins7 videos
  • Design the Logical Architecture of SharePoint

    Intermediate1 hr 12 mins11 videos
  • Configure Office Online Server for SharePoint

    Intermediate6 videos
  • SharePoint Content Management Controls

    Intermediate1 videos
  • Configure the SharePoint User Profile Service

    Intermediate1 videos
  • Taxonomy and the SharePoint Managed Metadata Service

    Intermediate1 videos
  • SharePoint Business Data Connectivity Service

    Intermediate1 videos
  • Productivity Service Applications in SharePoint

    Intermediate1 videos
  • Support SharePoint Workflows

    Intermediate1 videos
  • SharePoint and Exchange Integration

    Intermediate5 videos
  • Business Intelligence Service Applications

    Intermediate1 videos
  • Hybrid SharePoint Deployments

    Intermediate1 videos
  • Migrate to SharePoint Server 2016

    Intermediate1 videos
  • SharePoint High Availability and Disaster Recovery

    Intermediate1 videos
  • Configure SharePoint Authentication

    Intermediate 59 mins9 videos
  • Configure SharePoint Security Settings

    Intermediate 55 mins9 videos
  • Build a SharePoint Search Service Application

    Intermediate12 videos
  • Configure SharePoint Add-ins

    Intermediate1 videos
  • SharePoint Maintenance

    Intermediate1 videos
  • All Sharepoint 2016 Training Learning Resources

    This Sharepoint 2016 training includes videos, in-video quizzes, and Sharepoint 2016 virtual labs hand-built by Keith Barker.

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