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Azure Security FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

How much does it cost to earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals?

The Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals certification costs $99. Earning it takes passing the AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, which costs $99 to attempt. The AZ-900 is the only exam you have to take to earn the Azure Fundamentals cert. This Azure Security training only prepares you for the security portions of the exam, but there's other training to make sure you go into the AZ-900 ready to pass it the first time.

Is learning about Azure security worth it?

Yes, learning how to use the right Azure security features is definitely worth it. Microsoft Azure helps connect businesses and people all over the world with compute, storage and process features that depend on trained security professionals. This Azure security training is worth it because it doesn't just familiarize you with all the security features Azure gives you out of the box, but it also shows you how to configure and take a hands-on approach to Azure security.

Is the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals still valid?

Yes, even though Microsoft has been retiring lots of its certifications, the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals is still a valid certification. Microsoft has issued occasional updates to the AZ-900 exam, but the changes are fairly minor. Microsoft retired many of their certifications that only relate to a single piece of technology, but they kept the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals, presumably because of how ubiquitous Azure is.

Is the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals certification exam difficult?

No, the certifying exam for the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals, AZ-900, isn't a very difficult exam. But the AZ-900 is also not a short exam -- it covers everything from general cloud concepts and business concerns in the cloud to how Azure manages identity, governance, privacy and compliance. This Azure Security training only covers the security features and tools in Azure, which is a relatively small portion of the overall exam.

Is this Azure Security training still valuable?

Yes, whether you're just a non-technical business user of Microsoft Azure or an aspiring cybersecurity technician, this Azure Security training is definitely valuable. It might sound intimidating at first, but it's important that even non-technical people understand what's happening behind the scenes with authentication, access controls, Active Directory, and all the other security features Azure offers. You'll be a more capable employee and better user of technology after this Azure Security training.
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