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Visio Essentials Training FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Visio essentials training?

You'll learn just how useful and versatile a really good chart is. It might sound simple, but knowing when a visualization is the right way to communicate information is hard enough, choosing the right chart and formatting it well is even harder. Learn to visualize and present information.

Who should take this Visio essentials course?

This course is great for any office workers, whether they're IT professionals or completely unrelated to IT work. Visio is a useful tool for presenting visual information – everything from a building plan, to a diagrammatic necessary for wiring networks, all the way to flowcharts for making business decisions.

Is this training on the essentials of Visio associated with any certifications?

No, this course on Visio was designed to bring learners through using the software, not to prepare them for passing a test. This course tries to help the learner imagine when your job could be improved with visualizations, and a written test wouldn't be able to measure that understanding.

What certifications should you consider after taking this course in the essentials of using Visio?

Unfortunately, not only does Microsoft not have a Visio-specific certification, but their Microsoft Office Suite-related certifications don't include much about Visio. Microsoft doesn't have many certifications other than broad Office certifications like Microsoft Office Specialist in specific versions that you might consider if you find this course useful.

Why should you take this Visio essentials training?

You should take this Visio course if you've ever struggled to present important information because it required too much explanation or too many words to explain. You should take this course and learn how Visio can help you visually present complex information so that better decisions can be made.
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