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Managing Microsoft 365 Governance and Compliance FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Microsoft 365 governance and compliance training?

You'll learn to navigate the thrilling, exciting world of tracking, verifying and documenting internal and external regulatory requirements in Microsoft 365. In reality, governance and compliance isn't exciting at all – but you can learn all the tools Microsoft provides to make it all much less tedious in Microsoft 365.

Who should take this course in Microsoft 365 governance and compliance?

Systems administrators and compliance officers are the target audience for this course. If it's your job – in any way – to work with information governance or to provide oversight for data usage, you should be seriously considering this training. Learn the tools that prove your data's where it belongs.

Is this governance and compliance training in Microsoft 365 associated with any certifications?

No, this course isn't directly associated with any certifications. Rather than focus on rote memorization of obscure facts that can help pass a certification exam, this course focuses on actually using the tools built into Microsoft 365 for generating useful and insightful reports as well as critically important records.

What certification should you consider after taking this Microsoft 365 governance and compliance course?

If the compliance and governance material you learn is useful in your job, you may want to consider the Microsoft Certified: Security, Compliance and Identity Fundamentals certification. This course will help you prepare for the compliance portions of the exam as well as navigating Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 itself.

Why should you take this Microsoft 365 governance and compliance training?

You should take this training in Microsoft 365 governance and compliance because although it's not the most thrilling part of information technology, it remains crucially important that networks prove the security of the information transiting their network. Be the lynchpin in your network's compliance and secure your career.
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