Sourcing Other Scripts Within a BASH Script

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Linux Bash Training FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Linux Bash training?

There are two distinct portions of this Linux Bash training. The first section covers open source operating systems, Linux distributions, navigating the Linux OS and general Linux administration. The second half covers writing, deploying and executing Bash scripts – which is how you take fine-tuned control of your Linux instance.

Who should take this Linux Bash course?

This Linux Bash course would be hugely helpful to anyone who uses Linux. Even regular day-to-day users of the operating system will learn how to navigate and control your device. But network and server administrators will find the Bash scripting section especially helpful to their everyday jobs.

Is this training in Linux Bash associated with any certifications?

No, this Linux Bash training isn't associated with any specific certification. This training is quite a bit shorter than many exam prep courses. That's because it's focused solely on administering the Linux OS and writing and deploying Bash scripts. There's nothing extraneous in this course, just Linux and Bash.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in Linux Bash?

There are a handful of Linux certifications worth considering, but after taking this course your best bet is CompTIA's Linux+. Earning the Linux+ will take more preparation, but a strong grasp of the OS and Bash earned from this course will help a lot with the exam.

Why should you take this Linux Bash training?

You should take this Linux Bash training because Linux is the operating system of choice for servers and devices all over the world. Smartphones, cars and supercomputers – and especially servers – depend on Linux, and administrators with a foundation of knowledge are in high demand.
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