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Juniper Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) Training FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What is Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) and what is it used for?

Spanning Tree Protocol (or STP) is an advanced network configuration protocol that helps prevent network loops. In a network with many connections, it's possible for two or more devices to forward traffic in a way that continuously loops on itself, never reaching its destination and potentially clogging traffic. With complicated math and coordination, STP disables redundant connections while monitoring the network to ensure that the topology remains stable despite changes.

What makes Juniper Spanning Tree Protocol unique or different from traditional STP?

Juniper Networks is a manufacturer of network hardware that relies on Juniper's unique operating system (JUNOS). Because their network hardware is designed to be operated with proprietary software and firmware, Juniper has special configurations and implementations of traditional protocols like STP. Juniper's STP implementation is specially designed to coordinate efficiently with Juniper devices with advanced features and extensions like its virtual chassis technology which unifies multiple switches and their operations.

Is learning Juniper Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) worth it?

For network professionals who work with Juniper technologies or who want to broaden their familiarity with enterprise networking technology, it's absolutely worth it to learn Juniper Spanning Tree Protocol. Obviously, not every network runs on Juniper and it's possible to be a network professional and never encounter Juniper. But if you do work with Juniper or want to be promoted or hired in a company that depends on Juniper, it's definitely worth it.

Who should learn Juniper Spanning Tree Protocol?

The best audience for this course are network professionals who work on Juniper networks and have a few years of experience already under their belt. Configuring and implementing STP isn't something that entry-level network administrators typically need to worry about. Additionally, if you don't work with Juniper, you'd be better off learning to manage STP with a generic course from CBT Nuggets (or courses applicable to your specific vendor).

Are there any certifications associated with this Juniper Spanning Tree Protocol course?

There are Juniper certifications that include an emphasis on using and configuring Spanning Tree Protocol, but this course isn't designed to prepare you for an entire certification. Juniper doesn't offer certifications in individual skills, instead they focus on whole job readiness at certain levels. The material on this Juniper STP course can help you with two of Juniper's professional-level certifications: the JNCIP Enterprise Routing and Switching, or the JNCIP Service Provider.
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