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Introduction to Python for Network Engineers

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Introduction to Python for Network Engineers

This foundational Python for Network Engineers training prepares network administrators to not just automate the behavior of your network and network devices but improve their efficiency and speed with Python.

Python for Network Engineers: What You Need to Know

This Python for Network Engineers training has videos that cover Python topics including:

Who Should Take This Python Training?

This Python for Network Engineers training is considered foundational-level programming training, which means it was designed for network administrators with 1 to 3 years in network experience, but no experience at all in Python.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

Introduction to Python - New

Entry 56 mins9 videos

Virtual Environments, Variables & Data Types - New

Entry 51 mins7 videos

Python Strings - New

Entry 53 mins6 videos

Understand Control Flow - New

Entry 57 mins7 videos

Understand Boolean Logic - New

Entry 49 mins8 videos

Lists and Tuples - New

Entry 53 mins10 videos

Dictionaries and Sets - New

Entry1 hr 1 min9 videos

Understand Functions in Python - New

Entry 52 mins5 videos

Implement Functions in Python - New

Intermediate 47 mins5 videos

Understand Functional Programming in Python - New

Intermediate 52 mins6 videos

Text Files in Python - New

Entry 54 mins8 videos

Python Libraries for Network Automation - New

Intermediate 57 mins7 videos

Object-Oriented Programming - New

Intermediate 48 mins6 videos

Advanced Object Oriented Programming - New

Intermediate 59 mins7 videos

Decorators & Generators - New

Intermediate 50 mins9 videos

The Jinja Templating Engine - New

Intermediate 52 mins6 videos

Version Control - New

Intermediate1 hr 10 videos

REST APIs & Python - New

Intermediate 53 mins7 videos

Python Best Practices - New

Intermediate 57 mins8 videos

Working with Spreadsheets - New

Intermediate 51 mins7 videos

Troubleshoot Python Code - New

Intermediate1 hr 1 min7 videos

Testing with Python - New

Intermediate 51 mins6 videos

Automate with Concurrent Connections - New

Intermediate 58 mins7 videos
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