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Juniper Layer 2 FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Juniper Layer 2 training?

You'll learn how to actually control and personally configure everything that happens on a Juniper network at Layer 2. Layer 2's where the data packets themselves get encoded and decoded into actual bits, and there are many protocols that make it possible to transfer data between adjacent nodes.

Who should take this Juniper Layer 2 course?

Some of the most complicated configurations and protocols interact with Layer 2, and this course is excellent for advancing the careers of Juniper network administrators with a few years under their belts. If you're trying to land a job as a Juniper network engineer, understanding Layer 2 is crucial.

Is this training in Juniper Layer 2 associated with any certifications?

No, this course is focused on thoroughly explaining Layer 2 and how Juniper networking devices interact with it. Rather than present facts for memorization for a test, this course emphasizes explaining Layer 2 clearly and then gives you opportunities to practice configurations first-hand in virtual simulations.

What certifications should I consider after taking this course in Juniper Layer 2?

Certifications can help you advance your career and there are plenty of certification exams that will be easier when you understand Layer 2 and how Juniper devices operate in relation to it. More preparation will be necessary, but most JNCIA and JNCIS certifications will go smoother after this course.

Why should you take this Juniper Layer 2 training?

Layer 2 is where DHCP snooping, many firewall features, VLANs and STP happen. For enterprise networks, those are fundamental to routing, switching and security. If you administer Juniper networks, this training will make you much more competent, and a more valuable asset to your company.
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