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JNCIP-DC Online Training

This intermediate Juniper JNCIP-DC training prepares learners to take the JN0-681 exam, which is the one required exam to earn the Juniper Networks Certified Professional: Data Center (JNCIP-DC) certification.

JNCIP-DC: What You Need to Know

This JNCIP-DC training has videos that cover topics such as:

Who Should Take JNCIP-DC Training?

This JNCIP-DC training is considered professional-level Juniper training, which means it was designed for network engineers. This advanced data center switching skills course is designed for network engineers with three to five years of experience with data center infrastructure.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

Advanced OSPF Foundations

Advanced1 hr 26 mins9 videos

Advanced OSPF Configurations and Use Cases

Advanced1 hr 8 videos

Advanced IS-IS Foundations

Advanced1 hr 23 mins10 videos

Advanced IS-IS Configurations

Advanced 56 mins10 videos

Advanced BGP Foundations

Advanced1 hr 25 mins9 videos

Advanced BGP Configurations and Policies

Advanced1 hr 12 mins12 videos

Advanced BGP Attribute and Community Manipulation

Advanced 54 mins9 videos

BGP Scaling Solutions

Advanced1 hr 8 mins11 videos

Understand and Configure BGP FlowSpec

Advanced1 hr 13 mins10 videos

Understand and Configure BGP Route Damping

Advanced 56 mins8 videos

Understand Multicast Routing Fundamentals

Advanced1 hr 7 mins9 videos

Deploy Advanced Multicast Configurations on Junos

Advanced 59 mins8 videos

Understand Class of Service (CoS) Deployments on Junos

Advanced1 hr 14 mins10 videos

Data Center Designs and Foundations

Advanced1 hr 7 mins10 videos

Understand ZTP in the Data Center

Advanced 51 mins9 videos

Design and Deploy a Layer 3 Underlay

Advanced1 hr 20 mins12 videos

Data Center Hardware and Cabling Deployment Strategies

Advanced1 hr 5 mins10 videos

Juniper SDN and Automation Solutions for Data Center Management

Advanced1 hr 16 mins10 videos

Understand Data Center Designs and Architectures

Advanced 55 mins10 videos

Understand Juniper Virtual Chassis and VCF Concepts

Advanced 48 mins8 videos

Understand VXLAN Concepts

Advanced 55 mins9 videos

Understand EVPN Concepts

Advanced1 hr 6 mins10 videos

Deploy EVPN-VXLAN in Spine-Leaf Architecture

Advanced1 hr 12 mins11 videos

Troubleshoot EVPN-VXLAN

Advanced1 hr 6 mins11 videos

Supporting Multicast Traffic in an EVPN Data Center

Advanced 54 mins10 videos

Configure MC-LAG in the Data Center

Advanced 56 mins10 videos

Understand Data Center Interconnect Concepts

Advanced 56 mins10 videos

Deploy a Data Center Interconnect (DCI) Fabric on Junos

Advanced1 hr 9 mins9 videos

Digging Deeper Into DCI Designs and Architectures

Advanced 48 mins8 videos
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