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Juniper Automation and DevOps FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What is the underlying technology on the JN0-220?

The underlying technology on the JN0-220 was automation solutions inside the Juniper/Junos environment. The JN0-220 is now retired, but the topics it covers are still relevant and valid. JN0-220 focused mainly on the Juno automation stack, XML/NETCONF and Python/PyEZ. Those are all still valid methods of automating a Juniper network, and training designed for JN0-220 is still a good way of practicing them.

Is the JN0-220 retired?

Yes, the JN0-220 exam was retired on July 19, 2020. Before it was retired, the JN0-220 was the certifying exam for the JNCIA-DevOps: Automation and DevOps Associate. Now that the JN0-220 is retired, the exam you need to pass is JN0-222. Little on the exam has changed in the years since the JN0-220 retired, and studying for it is still a good way of learning the essentials of automating a Juniper network.

Is the JNCIA-DevOps: Automation and DevOps Associate still valid?

Yes, the JNCIA-DevOps: Automation and DevOps Associate certification is still perfectly valid. Juniper has retired the exam for the certification often, but only to keep the material fresh and up to date. And it's not like automation and DevOps principles have transformed entirely in just two years -- the JN0-220 might have been retired as a certifying exam, but the information is still useful and the certification itself is still valid.

Is the JNCIA-DevOps: Automation and DevOps Associate still valuable?

Yes, the JNCIA-DevOps: Automation and DevOps Associate is still a valuable certification for advancing an administrator's career. Juniper-enabled networks are capable of incredible feats when automated and optimized for DevOps practices, the certification is how you prove you know how to get it there. The fact that the certifying exam keeps getting updated just means the tools and technology you test on are up-to-date and all the more valuable.

Is this JN0-220 training still worth taking?

Yes, because it covers most of what is on the current JNCIA-DevOps exam and covers pretty much timeless DevOps and automation skills, this JN0-220 training is still worth taking. Although there are differences between the retired JN0-220 and the current exam, the real reason for taking this JN0-220 training is its focus on skills required for automating Junos with Ansible, Python/PyEz, and XML/NETCONF -- those are essential for a DevOps engineer or automation administrator.
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