Create a Base Config for Junos

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Knox Hutchinson
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Configuring Junos Devices FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this configuring Junos devices training?

You'll learn the basics about routing and networking, as well as specifics about devices that Juniper manufactures, on top of understanding how the Junos OS operates and how to configure it. In short, you'll get a crash course in everything Junos networking – a great start to a career in administration.

Who should take this configuring Junos devices course?

The best audience for this course is brand new network administrators, or anyone who wants to become a network administrator since Junos runs on networks all over the world. But experienced network administrators with no Juniper experience should also consider it so they can learn what makes Junos unique.

Is this training in configuring Junos devices associated with any certification?

No, this course isn't tied to any particular certification. Rather than try to cover everything that would be on a certification exam, this course focuses on the basics of Junos-powered routing and networking devices and how to actually get into their guts and configure them.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in configuring Junos devices?

The right certification for you will depend on where you are in your career and what technologies you eventually want to work with. But after this course, the entry-level JNCIA-Junos is probably the best certification to consider. You'll need additional training, but this course is a good jumping-off place.

Why should you take this configuring Junos devices training?

You should take this course in configuring Junos devices because Juniper routing and networking technologies are used in networks everywhere and if you want to work in the networking world, there's really no alternative to knowing how to get your hands dirty with the Junos operating system.
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