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BGP Online Training


Anthony Sequeira


BGP Online Training

In this intermediate Juniper skills training, Anthony Sequeira covers the fundamentals of implementing Border Gateway Protocol to optimize network traffic.

After completing this BGP training, you'll know how to configure and monitor BGP groups and peers, and routing policy applications. With the right experience, network engineers who complete this network infrastructure training will have proven they have what it takes to step into network architect roles.

For anyone who manages Juniper training for a workcenter or business, this Juniper training can be used for on-boarding new network engineers, as a Juniper reference resource, or curated into individual or team training plans.

BGP: What You Need to Know

This Juniper training covers Border Gateway Protocol topics including:

  • The basics of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) operation
  • BGP message types and peers
  • High-level BGP operations
  • Route and path selection process in BGP
  • Applying routing policy for a network
  • Troubleshooting networks and routes
  • IBGP Versus EBGP

Who Should Take BGP Training?

This BGP training is considered engineer-level Juniper training, which means it was designed for network engineers. This BGP skills course is designed for network engineers with three to five years of experience with network infrastructure.

New or aspiring network engineers. Understanding routing and switching across different operating systems is critical for network engineers, and relatively new engineers have a lot to get through before they’re experts. This BGP training helps explain one portion of the whole enterprisenetwork system: Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) in Junos. With this training, junior network engineers can begin to learn how networks can be set up to recognize networking peers and send traffic to ideal nodes.

Experienced network engineers. Border Gateway Protocol is a powerful networking tool familiar to experienced network engineers. Wise engineers know how BGP can speed up network traffic and optimize node use. So if you’ve been working as a network engineer for some time but the particularities of deploying BGP is still somewhat foreign to you, this training can help make sure your routing and reachability information is being properly disseminated throughout your network — essential for networks that need to achieve the highest speeds.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

  • Juniper JNCIS-ENT (JN0-343) – BGP

    Intermediate1 hr 24 mins11 videos
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