Configuring Basic BGP Adjacencies (Multi-Vendor)

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Juniper BGP FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Juniper border gateway protocol training?

You'll learn how to set up Juniper devices so that they can automatically, programmatically identify their neighbors and relay traffic efficiently. The Border Gateway Protocol is the best way available for making autonomous systems work, and this course shows you how to optimize Juniper devices with BGP.

Who should take this course in Juniper BGP?

This course is ideal for advanced network engineers who work on the biggest Juniper-powered enterprise networks. It's one thing to feel comfortable with reading and configuring Border Gateway Protocol, but knowing precisely what Juniper devices expect in particular when it comes to the postal service-like protocol is even better.

Is this Juniper BGP training associated with any certifications?

No, this course in border gateway protocol isn't associated with any particular certifications. This course is laser-focused on Juniper devices and what they need in relation to BGP and nothing else. You'll practice, first-hand, configuring BGP on Juniper routing devices but you won't cram any unnecessary facts.

Are there any certifications to consider after taking this Juniper BGP course?

If you think your career would be helped with a certification and you find this Juniper BGP course interesting, you might want to consider a Juniper certification. Juniper offers over thirty certifications, but the JNCIA-Junos is where you should start, focusing on enterprise routing and switching.

Why should you take this training in Juniper BGP?

You should take this training in Juniper BGP if you work on an enterprise network powered by Juniper devices and want to learn the protocol that makes the biggest difference between a fast and efficient network with thousands of users and a broken AS.
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