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Learn NodeJS Fundamentals FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What does NodeJS even do?

In general terms, Node.js (or NodeJS) is a virtual space where developing websites and applications is a lot simpler. NodeJS is particularly good for building websites and applications that need to handle many things happening at the same time. More technically, NodeJS is a runtime environment that lets JavaScript run on servers, allowing developers to use the same programming language (JavaScript) for both client-side and server-side development, which streamlines the process.

Is it worth it to learn NodeJS?

Yes, it's worth it to learn NodeJS – understanding it makes you a much more versatile and capable web and application developer. Understanding runtime environments gives you an especially good understanding of how code interacts with available resources and performs tasks. And above all else, NodeJS helps you build scalable, real-time applications efficiently – and that's a highly sought-after, valuable skill to have in web development.

Is this NodeJS course associated with any certifications?

No, this NodeJS course isn't designed with any test or exam in mind. In the development world, certifications aren't as sought after as they are in other fields of IT. Employers and senior developers tend to prefer project portfolios as demonstrations of skill, and this course will help you build yours. Learn to set up development environments and solve real-world situations with this hands-on Node.js course.

Is this NodeJS fundamentals course good for beginners?

This is a good course for NodeJS beginners, but brand-new developers might struggle if they don't have a lot of JavaScript experience. NodeJS is an extension of JavaScript, so a foundational understanding of the underlying language is crucial. This short course tries to stay focused on developing with NodeJS, so there are some concepts like asynchronous programming and event-driven architecture that beginners should go in already familiar with.

Can I get a job after learning the fundamentals of NodeJS?

Since learning NodeJS depends on a foundation of JavaScript, once you've completed this NodeJS fundamentals course, you'll know how to build server-side applications efficiently and transition between frontend and backend development. Those are valuable skills that boost your marketability as an entry-level or mid-range web developer. Better than any cert could, those skills will help you stand out as a versatile candidate capable of a wide range of projects.
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