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Create a Note-Sharing App with Angular, NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB: The MEAN Stack Tutorial for Beginners FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this MEAN software development training?

Specifically, you'll learn how to create a note-sharing app within the MEAN stack. But in order to build that note-sharing app, you'll first learn enough Angular, NodeJS, Express and MongoDB to write the code of the app itself, after which you'll learn to integrate the different components of the MEAN stack together.

Who should take this MEAN stack development course?

Whether you're a web developer, an application developer, or a generalist, you should take this course and learn MongoDB, Express, Angular and NodeJS. Anyone who needs to know how to leverage the strengths of each framework and language of the MEAN stack to develop robust and reliable apps should take this course.

Is this training in creating a note-sharing app associated with any certifications?

No, this course focuses on teaching you the practical skills involved with storing and managing your app data with MongoDB, routing URLs and handling requests with Express.js, assembling a robust framework with Angular, and interacting with your data with Node.js. It's a skills-based course that isn't tied to any exam preparation.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in how to develop in the MEAN stack?

Some coders and developers think that development expertise doesn't fit into exams or certifications. Fortunately, as you go through this course, you learn to build a fully functioning, web-based note-taking app. With a tool like that, you can show the proof of your experience and knowledge and don't need to earn a certification your peers might think is dubious.

Why should you take this MEAN stack tutorial training?

First of all, you should take this MEAN stack tutorial because it's always a good idea to learn an entire stack all at once rather than piecemeal. Second, the MEAN stack is arguably one of the most popular frameworks for app and web development – especially for cloud-native apps in enterprise environments or when working with big data or streaming.
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