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OpenJS Node.js Services Developer (JSNSD) FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What is OpenJS and what are Nodejs services?

OpenJS is a professional organization of JavaScript developers and enthusiasts dedicated to improving the future of JavaScript. As an organization, OpenJS hosts projects and activities that standardize the professional use of JavaScript. Node.js is OpenJS' most prominent project – it's a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JS engine. There are many, powerful node.js services that make building robust server-side applications with JavaScript efficient and easy.

Is there a certification for NodeJS?

Yes, there is an IT certification for NodeJS, maintained by the Linux Foundation, called OpenJS Nodejs Services Developer (JSNSD). It's an early-career (but not entry-level) certification aimed at Node.js developers with about two years of experience with RESTful servers. With a particular emphasis on security practices, the two-hour JSNSD exam is performance-based, testing skills with implementing public facing web servers, creating & consuming RESTful HTTP services, and processing user input.

What does a node JS developer do?

A Node.js developer builds server-side applications in the Node.js runtime environment. Everyday tasks expected of a Node.JS developer include designing, developing, and maintaining server-side logic and maintaining high performance and responsiveness in servers through application development. In addition to collaborating with front-end developers (or managing front-end development on their own), Node.js developers integrate data storage solutions, handle APIs and conduct testing, debugging and optimization.

Is NodeJS still relevant?

Yes, Node.js is absolutely still highly relevant in the server-side development space. Since its merger with OpenJS, the versatility and performance that had set the runtime environment apart has only improved. Node.js remains the preferred choice for many developers building scalable server-side applications, APIs and real-time applications. Node.js has an event-driven architecture and non-blocking I/O model which means it's great for handling concurrent connections and asynchronous tasks.

Is it possible to learn NodeJS in one month?

Yes, with the right mindset, habits and resources, it's possible to learn Node.JS in one month. But that comes with some caveats. First, prior programming experience and familiarity with JavScript is a must. You'll also need to be dedicated to your course of study, and you should invest in a Node.JS course that provides hands-on practice and detailed explanations. Approached correctly, you can learn Node.JS in a month.
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