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Intro to IT Operating Systems and Applications Training FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this introductory training on operating systems?

This course explores the general concepts and simple, practical skills that go with using operating systems and applications on a technical level. This specially designed entry-level IT course explains the concepts of operating systems, covers how an OS is different from the hardware of a device, and explores why applications depend on an OS.

Who should take this intro to IT course?

Students or IT professionals who are just getting started in the career field should take this course about operating systems and applications, but non-technical professionals might want to also. The knowledge it contains can help make all your future work and training in the IT field make a lot more sense on a foundational level.

Is this training in operating systems and applications associated with any certifications?

The contents of this course is associated, in part, with the IT Fundamentals+ and the A+ certifications from CompTIA. The exams for both of those certs cover much more information than what you'll find on this course, but what you'd need to know about operating systems and apps for those certs is covered here.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in introductory IT concepts and skills?

If you're just getting started as a student of IT, or you're thinking about the career field, consider the IT Fundamentals+ from CompTIA. It's designed to help you see if IT topics and skills speak to your own strengths. If you're already in the career field, consider the A+ to kickstart your career.

Why should you take this introductory training on operating systems and applications?

You might already think you know everything you need to about operating systems. But if your only experience with iOS is your iPhone, or with Windows is that you've used Excel your whole life, think again. Learn what an OS is at its most basic level and be a much more capable IT professional with this course.
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