Create GitLab CI/CD Pipeline and Explore Variables

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Trevor Sullivan
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Intermediate GitLab Tutorial: GitLab CI/CD FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is this course on GitLab CI-CD worth it?

Yes, CI/CD pipeline configuration and orchestration is an advanced aspect of software development, but it's definitely worth it to learn how to use GitLab to do it. Staying competitive for the most advanced jobs in software development or engineering means staying up to date on contemporary approaches to more reliable, quicker delivery of software – and that's what GitLab provides.

How long does it take to learn GitLab and CI-CD with GitLab?

If the basic concepts GitLab, repositories, merge requests, and pipelines are already familiar to you, it won't take you long to move on to creating CI/CD pipelines and practicing deployment strategies – maybe only a few weeks. But what's great about a GitLab tutorial course like this one is how easy it is to skip over the sections you're already familiar with and spend as long as you need on the advanced GitLab features that are new to you.

Is this GitLab CI/CD training associated with any certifications?

No, not directly. This intermediate-level GitLab tutorial doesn't spend any of its time on certification prep or cramming for an exam. There's no single authority that issues GitLab-related certifications, so instead this course focuses on practical and hands-on skills. After this course, you'll know how to actually configure pipelines, implement Git monitoring and reporting, and use advanced GitLab features like artifacts, caching and security scanning in your pipelines.

Will skills in using GitLab for CI/CD stay relevant?

Yes, any skills learned about GitLab and CI/CD development will be useful and relevant for years to come. In the last 10 years, software development has been emphasizing automation, efficiency, and automation over basically anything else, and GitLab's CI/CD capabilities are peerless. Having the skills necessary to deliver high-quality software quickly and consistently with GitLab will remain valuable in the software development industry for a very long time.

Who should take this intermediate GitLab CI/CD course?

The primary audience for this course on GitLab CI/CD is software developers with a few years of experience who want to take on bigger projects with more complex requirements. DevOps engineers who know something about CI/CD pipeline orchestration but don't use GitLab for it should take this course. Software engineers and anyone else who streamlines software delivery for a team or organization will want to take this GitLab CI/CD course.
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