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Intermediate GitLab and Git Tutorial FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is it worth learning GitLab at the intermediate/advanced level?

Someone who already knows the basics of Git like commits, branches and merges may think they know enough about Git to get by and don't need intermediate training. But what about rebasing, cherry-picking and interactive rebases? Can you change individual commits, squash commits together or change the order of your commits? If you want to use Git like a true professional, a course like this is absolutely worth your time.

How difficult is it to learn Git and GitLab?

One thing makes learning Git hard: not having a place to practice. The way to learn Git is by making complicated commits to large and complex repos, with feedback afterward. That's hard to do on a home network. This course walks you through actually using advanced Git features, then gives you virtual sims and practice repos to work on. It's easy to learn advanced Git when you can actually practice it.

Are GitLab or Git skills going to expire or go out-of-date?

It's always possible for new tools and practices to emerge in the IT industry and reshape the technology landscape – after all, that's exactly what Git did. But it's extremely unlikely that skills with Git will ever go out-of-date. Git is a standard in software development for version control, GitLab is integral to most teams' development process, and professional demand is only increasing for intermediate git skills.

Who should take this intermediate GitLab course?

Many different IT professionals with several years of direct experience would benefit from this course. Intermediate developers who already have a basic understanding of Git are excellent candidates, and so are DevOps and CI/CD engineers who want to implement Git into their automation or continuous integration processes. Software engineers and even IT managers will benefit from understanding the advanced Git and GitLab techniques this course provides.

Are there any certifications associated with this GitLab and Git course?

No, this course on intermediate GitLab and Git techniques isn't associated with any IT industry certification and it's not intended to be exam prep for any particular test. Being open source, there aren't many vendors who provide universally respected certifications. But even if there were, the point of this course isn't to memorize facts and pass a test – it's designed with hands-on, practical experience in mind.
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