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GitLab and Git Tutorial for Beginners | What is GitLab FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this GitLab training?

This course will teach you what GitLab is, how to use it and how it differs from other distributed version control systems (like GitHub). This GitLab training covers theory as well as technical proficiency, so once you're done you'll be able to use GitLab and understand how it compares.

Who should take this GitLab course?

This GitLab training is great for developers, server administrators and even security technicians at any point in their career. If you're just starting out, GitLab training can prepare you for a career defined by collaborating. If you've got experience, learn GitLab so you always choose the ideal VCS.

Is this training in GitLab associated with any certifications?

No, taking this course in GitLab won't help you specifically prepare for any certifying exams. This course was designed especially to help people understand and actually use GitLab – your certification exam is going to come with more requirements around memorization and configurations in highly specific circumstances.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in GitLab?

Generally speaking it's hard to find really great certifications for GitLab that are widely acknowledged by the community since the technology itself is relatively new and the professional class that uses it hasn't developed a robust set of expectations. But this course makes you a technical expert in using GitLab.

Why should you take this GitLab training?

You should take this GitLab training because GitLab is a complete DevOps platform that includes everything you need to accelerate your software deliveries immensely from one application. Whether you code, provide operations support, or manage DevOps procedures, this course will show you how GitLab can help you.
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