Create GitLab CI/CD Pipeline and Explore Variables

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GitLab Certified Git Associate FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What even is GitLab and what is it used for?

GitLab is a web-based platform that helps improve collaboration during software development. GitLab serves as a centralized hub where source code management, issue tracking, collaborative development can take place – from one interface. Within the platform, users can coordinate tasks and track progress. GitLab streamlines development, enables version control, provides continuous integration, and supports project management tools. GitLab is a comprehensive solution for ensuring a smooth workflow throughout the software development lifecycle.

Is it worth taking a whole course on how to use GitLab?

Yes, there are many reasons that taking a course on GitLab is definitely worth the time and effort. First, GitLab's many features can drastically improve the development process, but they can also be intimidatingly confusing to someone who never learned exactly how they work. Second, completing this course prepares you for the GitLab Certified Git Associate certification, which is a powerful tool for landing promotions or new jobs.

How much does it cost to earn the GitLab Certified Git Associate?

It costs $150 to purchase and attempt the GitLab Certified Git Associate exam. There are no prerequisite certifications you have to earn to be eligible. And while some certification vendors require you to take one of their official courses before taking a certification exam, GitLab doesn't. So if you're prepared to pass the 60-minute, multiple-choice exam that includes a GitLab project submission, you can take it at any time.

How hard is the GitLab Certified Git Associate exam?

The Git Associate exam isn't especially hard for anyone who has a functioning understanding of using GitLab and familiarity with its feature set. Although some of the exam is about accurately identifying GitLab components and features, the exam includes a practical lab that will test your practical understanding of the CI/CD pipeline by scaffolding out a pipeline. With adequate preparation, the Git Associate exam isn't especially challenging, but it is thorough.

Does the GitLab Certified Git Associate expire?

The GitLab Certified Git Associate certification doesn't appear to expire, but GitLab doesn't actually specify that anywhere. GitLab is very clear that the exam voucher must be used within 12 months of its purchase – so your ability to take the test can expire. But whether or not the certification itself can expire is unclear. It seems safe to assume that the Git Associate certification will remain valid for life.
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