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Advanced GitLab and DevOps Training FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is it worth it to learn advanced GitLab functions for DevOps?

Yes, if you're shopping around for different ways to implement DevOps, a course like this on advanced GitLab functionality is definitely worth it. GitLab is a natural fit for most teams who're trying to incorporate DevOps concepts and techniques into their workflow, with advanced pipeline configuration, variables, dependencies and efficient caching. Learn how GitLab can expand your DevOps processes while you practice the necessary skills for implementing it with this course.

Is GitLab used in DevOps?

Yes, GitLab is a common tool in many DevOps implementations. GitLab easily serves as an all-in-one platform for source code management, CI/CD, and pipeline deployment. Teams trained in using GitLab can collaborate together in managing code while they monitor the entire software development lifecycle. A GitLab course like this one lets you practice implementing DevOps practices around streamlining and automating the development process into your workflow.

How difficult is it to learn DevOps with GitLab?

Learning GitLab and DevOps is difficult because there's no rulebook, no one-size-fits-all instruction manual. Instead, implementing DevOps with GitLab comes down to judgment calls based on tons of variables that are unique to a development team. This advanced GitLab and DevOps course makes learning easier by providing the context and tools that developers and engineers need to make good decisions on their own.

Are there any certifications associated with this advanced GitLab DevOps training?

No, this course on advanced GitLab techniques and DevOps processes isn't associated with any specific certification. Rather than help you memorize some facts or what you can expect on a multiple-choice test, this course on DevOps actually helps you practice automating production workflows and resolving complex merge conflicts. You'll finish this course with hard-earned experience actually implementing DevOps procedures with GitLab – which will actually probably go on to help you with some certification exams.

Who should take this DevOps course?

This course covers many different topics in DevOps, Git and automation, so the potential audience for it is large. Obviously software developers who want to deepen their knowledge and experience with GitLab should take the course. Software engineers who want to expand or help improve their organization's pipeline should take it. DevOps practitioners and engineers will be prepared to expand CI/CD and automation processes with GitLab after this course, and managers or decision-makers for companies will benefit as well.
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