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IT Fundamentals (ITF+) Online Training

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IT Fundamentals (ITF+) Online Training

This entry-level CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ training prepares desktop support specialists to take the FC0-U61 exam, which is the one required exam to earn the CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ certification.

IT Fundamentals (ITF+): What You Need to Know

This CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ Certification training covers FC0-U61 desktop and hardware support exam objectives, including these topics:

Who Should Take IT Fundamentals (ITF+) Training?

This IT Fundamentals+ training is considered foundational-level CompTIA training, which means it was designed for desktop support specialists. This desktop and hardware support skills course is valuable for new IT professionals with at least a year of experience with desktop and hardware infrastructure and experienced desktop support specialists looking to validate their CompTIA skills.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

Common Computing Devices and Their Purposes - New

Entry1 hr 20 mins6 videos

Notational Systems and Units of Measure - New

Entry 52 mins5 videos

Input and Output Device Interfaces - New

Entry 50 mins5 videos

Installing Devices - New

Entry 56 mins5 videos

Internal Computing Components - New

Entry 50 mins4 videos

Compare and Contrast Storage Types - New

Entry1 hr 12 mins6 videos

Internet Service Types - New

Entry 49 mins6 videos

Basic Networking Concepts Part 1 - New

Entry 47 mins3 videos

Basic Networking Concepts Part 2 - New

Entry 51 mins4 videos

Install, Configure, and Secure a Basic Wireless Network - New

Entry 47 mins5 videos

Explain the Purpose of Operating Systems Part 1 - New

Entry 48 mins4 videos

Explain the Purpose of Operating Systems Part 2 - New

Entry1 hr 2 mins6 videos

Use of Software and User Accounts - New

Entry 49 mins4 videos

Processes, Applications, and Devices - New

Entry 57 mins5 videos

Software Types: Productivity and Collaboration - New

Entry 49 mins4 videos

Software Types: Business - New

Entry 47 mins6 videos

Application Architecture and Delivery - New

Entry 46 mins4 videos

Configure and Use Web Browsers - New

Entry1 hr 6 videos

Value of Data and Information - New

Entry 46 mins3 videos

Components of an Operating System - New

Entry1 hr 26 mins6 videos

Understand Database Fundamentals - New

Entry1 hr 5 mins5 videos

Software Development Concepts - New

Entry 58 mins6 videos

Security: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability - New

Entry 56 mins4 videos

Secure Devices and Implement Best Practices - New

Entry1 hr 4 mins6 videos

AAA and Good Password Practices - New

Entry 48 mins4 videos

Behavioral Security, Disaster Recovery, and Fault Tolerance - New

Entry 47 mins3 videos

Encryption and Privacy - New

Entry 46 mins4 videos

Troubleshooting - New

Entry1 hr 1 min4 videos
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