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Python for Data Analysis FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

How does the Python programming language get used for data analysis?

Python as a programming language is particularly simple and versatile. That has led to the development of many libraries and extensions which can process complex computations, run analyses and visualize findings – the heart of Python's data analysis. Pandas is a Python library with many powerful data manipulation tools, NumPy is a library that facilitates numerical computations, Matplotlib and Seaborn both make visualization much easier, and SciPy opens up advanced mathematical functions.

Are Python and SQL enough to get a data analysis job?

Whether a firm grasp of Python and SQL alone will land you data analysis jobs varies from place to place. But generally speaking, no, just those two languages alone aren't enough to qualify for advanced positions. Employers tend to look for additional skills in statistical analysis, machine learning, data visualization, and industry experience. But Python and SQL combined with data analysis familiarity should get your foot in the door.

Is it better to learn Python or SQL for data analysis?

Both Python and SQL are essential for data analysis, but perform different roles, so the right one to learn first depends on your immediate needs. SQL is the language of databases, and learning it allows you to query and manage them. Python supports powerful libraries like Pandas and NumPy for data manipulation. If you're starting from scratch, Python may be the better choice – giving you a wider foundation of general skills.

Is this Python for data analysis course associated with any certifications?

No, this isn't a certification prep course, it's a skills-focused course meant to equip you with first-hand experience running numbers and analyzing data. There aren't very many industry certifications related to data analysis that have been around long enough to establish a strong track record of success, so this course focuses on practical skills that prove your familiarity with data analysis, rather than help you memorize exam questions.

Who should take this Python for data analysis course?

Anyone whose job deals with manipulating or interpreting data, or who makes decisions for their organizations with data, should seriously consider this data analysis course. Data analysis isn't some cold, abstract formula that gives you the same exact answer every time. Data analysis is an art, it requires finesse and practical understanding of the many tools and languages that can help you make sense of numbers, which will always improve your work.
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