Intro to 210-250: Cybersecurity Fundamentals

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Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate (210-250 SECFND & 210-255 SECOPS) FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this associate cybersecurity operations training?

This course teaches everything you could ever need to know about working as a cyber operations associate on a Cisco network. You'll learn the general concepts associated with cybersecurity operations as well as gain firsthand experience doing actual security monitoring, performing host-based analysis, analyzing network intrusion and implementing security policies and procedures.

Who should take this Cisco cybersecurity operations administration course?

Anyone who wants to land their first job in IT security in the next two to six months should take this associate cybersecurity operations course. That includes students who graduate soon, brand new help desk or field tech reps who want to move into cyber operations, and even new cybersecurity personnel who want to be better prepared.

Is this training in associate-level cybersecurity administration associated with any certifications?

Technically this associate-level cybersecurity training isn't associated with a certification any more, but when it was originally developed it was associated with the Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate certification. Cisco updated that certification with a new curriculum and exam, but what you learn on this course isn't invalid or wrong – it just applies to an older exam.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in Cisco cybersecurity skills and knowledge?

You should consider going after the Cisco CyberOps Associate certification after this course. There are differences between the current 200-201 CBROPS exam and the two (now-retired) exams this course is designed to prepare you for (210-250 SECFND & 210-255 SECOPS), but the vast majority of skills you learn here will carry over to the new exam.

Why should you take this cybersecurity training?

You should take this cybersecurity training if you want to be taken seriously in a Cybersecurity Operations Center (SOC) and land a job that's more challenging than responding to tickets and forwarding emails. You can learn the real skills that associate cyberops administrators use every single day by taking this course.