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Intermediate Angular Tutorial: Working with Angular Forms FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is it worth it to learn Angular at an intermediate level?

Angular is a particularly worthwhile framework for web developers considering taking on larger projects or looking to expand their skills into developing feature-rich web apps. If you've been coding web apps for a few years, this intermediate angular course is worth it because it helps keep you competitive in front-end development while showing you how to speed up your development of scalable and robust apps.

How difficult is it to learn Angular?

Learning Angular is often quite difficult, even for experienced web developers. Especially at the intermediate level, Angular is challenging largely because it's an opinionated framework and not just a lightweight library. This course helps onboard you to some of Angular's most particular requirements and expectations by helping you build, handle, submit and validate a form. With the form project anchoring your understanding, this course makes the opinionated and challenging parts of Angular easier and more clear.

Who should take this course on working with Angular forms?

Obviously, web developers are the best audience for this intermediate Angular course – anyone who develops or maintains feature-rich web applications. But more specifically, it's web developers with a few years of experience or very committed junior developers who should consider taking this intermediate Angular course. This course focuses on differentiating you from a casual Angular user to a dedicated Angular developer, which is often a smart, bold career move.

Are there any certifications associated with this intermediate Angular course?

No, this intermediate Angular course isn't directly associated with any IT industry certifications, and it wasn't developed to prepare you for any one credentialing exam. Unlike hardware and software vendors with large portfolios of interdependent technology, Angular in the real world is highly versatile and has many, many implementations and use cases. This course is better for getting first-hand experience with actually developing forms, interfaces and other aspects of web applications.

What's the best way to study Angular at an intermediate level?

Angular is complicated and opinionated enough as a web framework that in order to learn it, you do need direct instruction and explanation. It's also so versatile and practical, that the only way to master it is to practice actually writing Angular code and developing apps. This course has both: it teaches you through video instruction and then gives you virtual sims and practice environments to put what you're learning to immediate effect.
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