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VMware VCA-DCV FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What's the underlying technology on this VMware VCA-DCV training?

This VMware VCA-DCV training covers all of VMware's data center technologies at a fundamental level. Intended more as a crash course in everything virtualization and data center, this course prepared learners for the VCA-DCV, a retired VMware certification. Having that certification meant an administrator or technician understood the basic concepts, products and features of data center virtualization that VMware manufactured and could navigate them comfortably.

Is the VMware VCA-DCV exam retired?

Yes, the VMware VCA-DCV exam is retired and it has no replacement. The last version of the VCA-DCV certifying exam was VCAD510, but that was retired on November 30, 2015. This training was originally designed to prepare learners for taking the retired VCAD510, but much of the information remains valid. The VCA-DCV exam covered the basics of data center virtualization and the fundamentals of using vSphere.

Is the VCA-DCV still valid?

No, the VMware certification VCA-DCV is no longer valid. VMware retired the VCA-DCV in September of 2015 and didn't develop a replacement for the certification. It's no longer possible to earn the VCA-DCV or renew it if you already had it. VMware overhauled their certification program, and the closest equivalent to the VCA-DCV is the VCTA-DCV which you can earn by passing the 1V0-21.20.

What certification replaced the VCA-DCV?

No certification replaced the VCA-DCV. Around the time VMware was retiring the VCA-DCV, they were also changing their certification program so that all their certifications and their exams were designed to receive annual updates. The VCTA-DCV (VMware Certified Technical Associate - Data Center Virtualization 2021) is the closest thing to a replacement the VCA-DCV has. The VCTA-DCV covers very similar topics and information that was covered by the VCA-DCV, but is at least six years newer.

Is this VMware VCA-DCV training still valuable?

Yes, this VMware VCA-DCV training is still valuable, but it's probably best suited to someone who needs a basic understanding of network virtualization but doesn't need deep technical knowledge of how to personally administer VMware tech. This course was designed to help learners pass the entry-level VCA-DCV and explains the terms and concepts around data center virtualization as well as VMware's tools and technologies.
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