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Modern React Tutorial for Beginners FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What is React and what is it used for?

React is what's known as a JavaScript library, which is like a toolbelt full of pre-built functionality and components. Application developers and web developers can use React to build with JavaScript more quickly and efficiently. React is especially good at helping build interactive and dynamic UIs. Something that makes React distinct is that it updates and renders the pieces of a UI when data changes, which makes for a smoother user experience.

What should you know before beginning a React course?

This React tutorial was made for beginners, but not necessarily people who have never written a single line of code. Before you get started with React, you should know your way around HTML, CSS and JavaScript – you don't have to be an expert, but you should understand them and what they accomplish. Certain ES6 features like arrow functions and classes will also be important for understanding how React interacts with JavaScript.

Who is this React tutorial good for?

Web developers and application developers are the best candidates for React. If you're already comfortable with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and especially if you use them on a regular basis, learning React is a natural next step. Front-end developers who have to build, maintain and design interesting and interactive user interfaces will get a lot out of this React tutorial. Even learning the basics of React can lead to promotions and hireability.

Is it possible to master React in 3 months or less?

React is more than a UI-maker, it's a robust and versatile library, and its learning curve is pretty substantial. While you can definitely become proficient with React in under three months, unless you're extremely focused and able to spend tons of time each week on it, it's unlikely that you'll master React in under three months. What produces mastery is putting the fundamentals of React to use in real-world settings.

Do you have to know JavaScript to learn React?

Yes, it's important that you have at least a foundational understanding of JavaScript before getting into React. The more JavaScript you know before jumping into React, the better. React is a JavaScript library, and so familiarity with using variables, managing functions, and implementing control flow is necessary. Without a grasp of ES6 and basic ES6 features, the component-based architecture and state management of React will be challenging.
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