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React Testing Library Tutorial FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What is the React Testing Library and what does it do?

The React Testing Library is a Javascript utility designed for testing React applications. With a simple API, the React Testing Library is able to verify that components and functionality of an application perform as expected when exposed to different conditions. That can be rendering, responding appropriately to user interactions, state change management, and change/update resiliency. The React Testing Library focuses on behavior, and is optimized for creating user-focused tests.

What is the difference between React Jest and React testing library?

React Jest and the React Testing Library are similar – in fact, Jest can be used with the React testing library – but they serve different testing purposes within the React development ecosystem. Jest is a testing framework that lets developers write and execute unit tests: it has functionality for test assertions, mocking and test running. The React Testing Library is focused more broadly, putting emphasis on writing integration and end-to-end tests.

How do I get started with testing an app in React?

The first step to testing your React apps is understanding how testing tools like the React Testing Library work. Once you're familiar enough with the utility, you'll find that the process for testing apps is relatively simple. You'll write a checklist of expected outcomes and behaviors for individual functions, utilities and components. Then you use the tool's CLI to run the tests and confirm that each component behaves correctly.

Is this React testing library course associated with any certifications?

No, this is not a certification prep course. Speaking broadly, the programming community generally and the JS community in particular don't put a lot of weight in coding certifications. Also, there aren't any independent industry credentials related to React. Certifications related to React are certificates of completion related to specific educators or vendors. This course focuses on real-world and practical skills in testing app functionality with the React Testing Library.

Who should take this course on React?

Frontend developers, software engineers and web developers are the best audience for this course on using the React Testing Library. Anyone who's involved in developing React applications should be considering it. Beginners who want to learn testing can benefit from this course as much as seasoned pros who want to hone their testing skills. QA/QC testers will also benefit from understanding how to test React apps with the library.
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