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Shaun Wassell
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React Forms Tutorial: How to Build Forms in React FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this React web development training?

You'll learn an essential part of web development: how to build forms using React. A form on your web app allows users to input data that you can use to identify them and give them a unique experience (like logging in) or to make money (like a checkout page). Master data submission using React with this course.

Who should take this form-building in React course?

Anyone whose web applications would benefit from a clean, dynamic form should take this course. But it is a React-focused web application development course, so web developers are the main audience. You'll want to have familiarity with the React JavaScript library and a little comfort with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript itself before taking this course.

Is this training in building web forms in React associated with any certifications?

No, this course focuses on building forms with React.js – it's entirely focused on practical, useful skills and doesn't spend any of its time on memorizing facts to prep for a certification exam. You'll get first-hand experience with building forms in React with virtual labs and be ready to put your knowledge to use.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in building forms for web applications in React?

When it comes to React certifications, there aren't many highly sought-after professional organizations or non-profits. Microsoft offers an MTA in programming using JavaScript and the International JavaScript institute offers a Certified JS Developer certification. In the world of JavaScript programming, the demonstrable skills you get from this course will go a lot further than a certification.

Why should you take this React web development training?

You should take this training in building forms with React because the only alternative to learning how to build a form with React is to have your single page applications or web apps never accept user data, credit card details or login information. Build web apps that actually get work done with React forms.
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