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Python 3 Strings, Lists, and Dictionaries FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Python 3 strings, lists and dictionaries training?

After this course, you'll understand the ways that Python 3 stores different types of variables and how to manipulate them. Most people understand what a variable is, but even advanced developers can get mixed up over variables in Python. But after this training, you'll understand strings, lists and dictionaries.

Who should take this Python 3 strings, lists and dictionaries course?

This Python 3 course is a rare sort of course: practically everybody should take it. Brand new IT professionals should learn Python 3 as early in their career as they can with courses like this one. But experienced Python coders will benefit from a refresher on variables, too.

Is this training in strings, lists and dictionaries in Python 3 associated with any certifications?

No, this Python 3 training on strings, lists and dictionaries isn't designed with any certification exam in mind. Part of the strength of this course is that since it only focuses on the different types of variables and datatypes, learners can focus on mastering them with first-hand experience.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in strings, lists and dictionaries in Python 3?

It's generally believed that the best way for a coder to prove their Python knowledge is to produce excellent code – which is why it's hard to recommend a certification you might consider after this course. Early in your career, additional Python training is probably more valuable than a certification.

Why should you take this Python 3 strings, lists and dictionaries training?

You should take this Python 3 training in using strings, lists and dictionaries because storing and accessing variables is an essential skill in coding, and when you take this course, you're getting more than just videos – you get virtual simulations where you'll practice and master variables in Python.
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