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Python Online Training

In this intermediate software development skills training, Ben Finkel teaches learners the basics of the Python programming languages.

Python: What You Need to Know

For any data analyst looking to improve their proficiency with scripting languages, this software development course covers topics such as:

Who Should Take Python Training?

This Python training is intermediate-level programming training, which means it was designed for new or experienced software developers, data analysts, IT professionals, or anyone trying to learn Python.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

Introduction to Programming and Python

Entry 53 mins6 videos

Python Variables and Data Types

Entry 53 mins5 videos

Introduction to the Python Language

Entry 46 mins4 videos

Python Operators

Entry 50 mins6 videos

Basic Input and Output with Python

Entry 50 mins7 videos

Conditionals and Loops in Python

Entry 55 mins6 videos

Understand Python Strings

Entry 54 mins5 videos

Lists and Dictionaries in Python

Entry 54 mins5 videos

Introduction to Functions in Python

Entry 50 mins6 videos

Advanced Operations with Functions in Python

Intermediate 46 mins5 videos

Importing and Using Modules in Python

Intermediate 47 mins4 videos

Handle Exceptions with Python

Entry 53 mins5 videos

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming with Python

Intermediate 52 mins5 videos

Advanced Object-Oriented Programming with Python

Intermediate 52 mins6 videos

Read and Write Files with Python

Intermediate 47 mins6 videos

Querying Databases with Python

Intermediate1 hr 16 mins14 videos

Data Structures with Pandas

Intermediate1 hr 43 mins17 videos

Parse Data Formats into Python Structures

Intermediate 30 mins6 videos

Real-Time Object Detection with YOLOv3 on PyTorch

Advanced 41 mins7 videos

Interacting with Python in AWS

Intermediate 33 mins6 videos

Python3 with the Azure Python SDK

Intermediate 26 mins5 videos

Perform Facial Recognition with Python

Intermediate 41 mins7 videos
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