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Building a Network Design FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this network design course?

You'll learn real-world, hands-on skills in planning a network's construction from the ground-up. Most importantly, you'll learn the design principles to keep in mind as you plan out layer 2, wireless, firewall, and monitoring of your network operations. This course isn't theoretical, it's all about actual application and design.

Who should take this course in building a network design?

Anyone who wants to some day work as a networking professional should take this network design course as early in your career as possible. From cabling or VLAN design to subnetting and WAP, this course lays the foundation for mastery of all the component pieces of a good network.

Is this course in how to build a network design associated with any certification?

No, this course is pretty intentionally designed not to relate to any particular certification. Certifications depend on a lot of information, some of it not related to actually doing a job. This course covers hands-on skills in designing and building a network, not answering questions about one.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in network design?

Certifications can help define and advance a career in the IT industry, and if you decide to pursue one after earning the certification, you should look to CompTIA's IT Fundamentals or Network+. The Network+ in particular covers information about internetworking and how to maximize network operations.

Why should you take this training in building a network design?

You should take this training so that you thoroughly understand how a network functions and what goes into designing superior ones. You should take this course if you want a career working with networks so that you always have great design fundamentals to fall back on.
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