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How to Manage Microsoft Teams Phone Numbers FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Microsoft Teams phone number training?

If all the skills and knowledge that a Microsoft Teams collaboration administrator needs make a constellation in the night sky, this course will teach you one of its brightest stars. This course covers how to get new phone numbers for your users, assign those phone numbers to users, and how to make sure that calls connect to your new numbers properly.

Who should take this Microsoft Teams phone number management course?

If the company you work for uses Microsoft Teams to connect users or customers to one another and there's any part of your job that's responsible for making sure those calls are successful, you should take this course. You'll learn to troubleshoot faulty phone numbers, assign users with preferred numbers, and keep calls happening.

Is this training in managing phone numbers in Microsoft Teams associated with any certifications?

Microsoft offers a few different certifications in designing, testing and maintaining collaboration solutions, and this course can help prepare a learner for many of them. But this is a pretty short course that stays focused on explaining phone number management within Microsoft Teams – if you want a certification, there are broader courses.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in managing phone numbers with Teams?

At the associate or administrator level, Microsoft offers a few different Microsoft Teams-related collaboration certifications you should consider after taking this course. Developers can look into Microsoft 365 Certified: Teams Application Developer Associate and collaboration administrators might want to think about the Teams Administrator Associate. Highly experienced administrators should consider Teams Voice Engineer Expert.

Why should you take this Microsoft Teams collaboration administration training?

You should take this course so you can be the person who unlocks one of the most valuable components of Microsoft Teams: phone numbers. Teams is great for IMing, scheduling and video conferencing, but managing voice calls and assigning phone numbers to an entire organization is one of its best features and shouldn't be overlooked.
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