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Microsoft SQL Data Warehouse Implementation (70-767) FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What's the difference between a database and a data warehouse?

The biggest difference between databases and data warehouses is how frequently the stored data is accessed and for what purpose. A database is designed for day-to-day operations and transactional processing – emphasizing frequently accessed data. On the other hand, a data warehouse is more focused on analytical processing of large volumes of historical data from many sources. Data warehouses tend to support more complex queries and analysis, reporting and data mining.

Is it worth learning how to implement and manage data warehouses?

Yes, for people working as data engineers, data analysts and business intelligence professionals (or people who want to get a job in those positions), learning to manage data warehouses is definitely worth it. More and more organizations depend on large volumes of data for analytics, reporting and decision-making. Learning data warehouse concepts like architecture and implementation techniques makes you a valuable asset to companies who need accessibility, reliability and performance.

Did Microsoft retire exam 70-767: Implementing a Data Warehouse using SQL?

Yes, Microsoft retired 70-767 certification exam: Implementing a Data Warehouse Using SQL in January 2021. When they retired the cert and its exam, no replacement was announced, so the 70-767 no longer has a place in the Microsoft certification world. Microsoft has been moving away from certifying technologies and tools that aren't tied to their cloud-based suites, but knowledge and skills related to implementing data warehouses remain (obviously) highly relevant.

Is learning to implement data warehouses in SQL still worth it even though the exam is retired?

Yes, Microsoft's SQL Data Warehouse Implementation cert might have been retired but understanding data warehousing concepts, SQL implementation, ETL processes, and data integration techniques remains crucial in today's data-driven world. The certification might no longer be available, the expertise gained from studying its material remains valuable for professionals seeking to excel in data warehouse implementation and management roles. This course is no less rigorous or thorough for the certification's retirement.

What are the alternatives to exam 70-767: Implementing a Data Warehouse Using SQL?

Now that 70-767 is retired, you might want an alternative way to prove your competence with data warehouse or SQL techniques, tools and technologies. Unfortunately Microsoft doesn't have a direct alternative for the certification. Microsoft does recommend the Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associate certification instead (its exam is DP-300: Administering Microsoft Azure SQL Solutions). While similar, that certification and exam are more focused on Azure cloud-based data management.
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