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Microsoft PowerPoint for Office 365 FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

How is PowerPoint for Office 365 different from other versions?

The biggest difference between PowerPoint for Office 365 and previous versions of the productivity tool is that it's a perpetually updated product, maintained and improved regularly via cloud updates. PowerPoint for Office 365 is a subscription service, which means Microsoft continually updates and improves it. The updates are provided via the cloud, but many of the features that are unique to PowerPoint for Office 365 are enabled by its cloud connectivity too.

Is it worth it to take a whole course on PowerPoint?

PowerPoint for Office 365 has many features, capabilities and – most important of all – hidden shortcuts that are hard to find out about without taking a course. This is a short, skills-focused course as well, so you're not committing yourself to a long endeavor. Take a course on PowerPoint and you'll know each button and how to integrate it with all the other Office 365 tools to make your presentations perfect.

Who should take this course on PowerPoint for Office 365?

Realistically, anyone who works in a modern office environment should take this course on PowerPoint. Let's face it, PowerPoint presentations are how the vast majority of information gets delivered – that's true in the military, academia, corporate businesses, and even when friends plan a group vacation. Anyone who takes this course will become a master of the tool they're going to be seeing for the rest of their careers anyway.

Can't I learn to use PowerPoint on my own?

Yes, you can learn PowerPoint piece by piece on your own. But PowerPoint is a tool that you'll need in basically every meeting and presentation you ever go to. Take a short online course like this one that teaches each function in a methodical way, and you'll be quick and efficient with the daily tool. You also won't find yourself getting frustrated by PowerPoint, a common fate for self-taught users.

Is it possible to get PowerPoint for free?

Yes, it's possible to get PowerPoint for free. To get PowerPoint for free, you'll need to download or find a product key that's either reduced in price, or (usually) illegally duplicated or scammed. If we're being honest, though, you should just pay for it. Yes, it's easy to morally justify stealing it because Microsoft is so massive. But if you're using the product, the right thing to do is compensate its creators.
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