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Microsoft Office for Mac | Office 365 Training FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will I learn in a Microsoft Office 365 for Mac course?

This course on using Microsoft Office on a Mac covers the full range of word processing, data analyzing, collaboration, and calendar management features in Office 365. People who grew up on Apple products and macOS don't always have the same passive familiarity with the buttons, menus, and functions of Microsoft Office applications as they do with Apple's native software and ecosystem – this course gives you that same level of comfort.

Are there any certifications associated with this Office for Mac course?

No, this Office for Mac course isn't directly tied to any particular Microsoft certification. Microsoft does offer many certifications related to Office 365, but this course wasn't designed as exam prep. If you plan to earn an administrator certification related to Office 365 (like Information Protection Administrator), you'll need to get additional training. However, user-oriented certs like Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals will be within reach after this course.

How hard is it to learn Office 365 on a Mac?

Although it's not particularly hard to learn how Office 365 operates on a Mac, the value of this course is that it takes you deep into the inner workings of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Learn best practices, tips, tricks and shortcuts to incorporate the productivity apps into your workflow. This Office for Mac course shows how to be the best possible version of a Mac-based office worker, and that's hard to learn on your own.

Who should take this course on using Microsoft Office for a Mac?

Believe it or not, this course is good for absolutely anyone who interacts with any Office product on a Mac device. You might think you already know Word and Excel well enough to get by, but this course covers advanced features, time-saving tips, and essential skills that can significantly enhance your productivity and proficiency, making it a valuable career investment for technical professionals and office workers alike.

How different is Microsoft Office for Mac from traditional Office 365?

The primary differences between Office for Mac and traditional Office 365 lies in the interface and integration with the operating system features. The user interface of Office for Mac is adapted to match the design language and aesthetics of macOS. MacOS features like Touch Bar, macOS-specific keyboard shortcuts, and system services are also incorporated into Office for Mac, making it significantly different in subtle ways.
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