Introduction to Microsoft Exchange 2013, the MCSE: Messaging, and the 70-341 Exam

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Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Microsoft Exchange Server training?

You'll learn what makes Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 different from its more modern counterparts as you learn how to manage and configure the now-outdated collaboration software. Some companies still depend on Exchange Server 2013, and with this training you'll learn how to keep them running.

Why should you take this course on Microsoft Exchange Server 2013?

Are you an administrator who has to work with Exchange Server 2013 even though Microsoft stopped supporting it back in 2020? Do you struggle with configuring it and making it play nice with modern technologies and plug-ins? If that sounds familiar, you should take this Exchange Server 2013 course.

Is this Exchange Server 2013 training associated with a certification?

No, this Exchange Server 2013 training isn't associated with a certification. Back when Microsoft was still supporting Exchange Server 2013 and had certifications that related to the messaging server OS, this course was helpful preparing for those exams, but Microsoft has retired all those certifications.

Is there a certification you should think about earning after taking this Exchange Server training?

The Power Platform App Maker Associate is the only Microsoft certification that tests knowledge of Exchange Server, but it's a minor part of the exam. When Microsoft ended support for Exchange Server 2013 they killed a lot of infrastructure around it and certifications related to it are gone.

Who should take this course in Microsoft Exchange Server 2013?

Systems and network administrators who have no choice but to support an Exchange Server 2013 instance should take this course: it'll clarify what the out-dated technology is capable of and what it's not. Also, very curious people who like learning how technology has evolved might want to take it too.
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