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MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure (70-533) Online Training


Ben Finkel


MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure (70-533) Online Training

In this expert-level Microsoft cloud training, Ben Finkel prepares cloud engineers to take the 70-533 exam, the now-retired exam previously used to certify IT professionals in the MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure certification.

The cloud plays a role in just about every aspect of IT now. If you’re working in a Microsoft shop, then that’s going to be Azure. Once you're done with this Microsoft training, you'll know how to implement enterprise-grade application architecture on the Microsoft Azure Platform. Importantly, not only will you know how to design and plan Azure architecture, but also deploy it.

By completing this 70-533 training, cloud engineers will prove they're ready to advance into roles that lead to cloud architect positions.

For anyone who manages their Microsoft training, this MCSE: Cloud training can be used for on-boarding new cloud engineers, or as part of a team training plan.

70-533: What You Need to Know

This MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure training maps to the 70-533 exam objectives, and covers topics such as:

  • Azure App services: deployments, service plans, settings, custom domains, and SSL
  • Azure virtual machines: configuration management, storage, PowerShell, monitoring, availability
  • Azure storage: blob data, blob streaming, blob configuration, access control, logging, Azure storage service encryption (ASSE)
  • Azure CLI, PowerShell, web apps diagnostics and logs, and remote debugging
  • Azure container service: creation and management,
  • Azure Virtual Networks: external access, routing, routes, and network peering
  • Creating VPN gateways and connections

Who Should Take 70-533 Training?

This 70-533 course will validate the extensive experience most cloud engineers have with Azure.

Experienced cloud engineers. For cloud administrators with a few years of experience, you’ve probably deployed an app or two. You’ve probably created Azure blobs, and know your way around Azure containers. But this training goes far beyond that. Expert-level training in Microsoft services isn’t about the nuts and bolts of how to deploy services. It’s all about knowing which service is the right tool for the job — and also how to deploy it. After taking this Azure training, you’ll be ready to tackle some of the most complicated parts of planning and deploying an Azure-based cloud infrastructure.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

  • Microsoft Azure: Implementing Infrastructure Solutions (70-533)

    Intermediate6 hrs 36 mins43 videos
  • 70-533 Learning Resources

    Our MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure training includes videos and in-video quizzes.

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